The Company

The data breach discovery and prevention company

PatrolX has developed a proprietary data breach discovery solution that enables real-time data breach alerting with no false positives. Our platform is a fully managed service for small, medium and enterprise type of businesses worldwide.  The average time it takes to discover a data breach without PatrolX is nearly seven months. Most data breaches are undiscovered for years, thereby giving businesses a false sense of security. Our company’s mission is to prevent this from happening to your business.  The PatrolX data breach discovery platform doesn’t just alert you to data breaches – it also serves as a powerful and cost efficient deterrent to insiders that are planning to steal your most valuable data. Theft of your precious and proprietary data could put your business in peril.

Our executive team is seasoned with decades of experience in governance, risk and compliance and preventing and detecting data breaches.  An information security solution without PatrolX is an inadequate and incomplete solution. Let us close that gap for you.