PatrolX Vigilance

PatrolX Vigilance is a managed security service for businesses that understand the need to independently monitor for data breaches.  Our software continuously checks for data breaches and generates an alert when a breach is discovered.

When alerts are generated, our analysts produce a detailed report and an incident response plan.

The average breach goes undiscovered for nearly seven months. During this time, a significant amount of damage can be done to the business. In some cases where the data breach is so severe, such businesses rarely or never recover.  PatrolX Vigilance aims to close that gap, thereby helping our clients discover and stop breaches quickly.

PatrolX Vigilance finds and fixes data breaches

91% of insider breaches are undetected for weeks, months and years. PatrolX helps to close the gap.

  • Weeks - 21%
  • Months - 49%
  • Years - 21%

Data security is your responsibility

Running your Marketing, Advertising and E-Commerce operations in the cloud provides an easy means and opportunity for insiders to commit costly breaches that can seriously damage your business and reputation.

  • Without PatrolX, the average breach takes nearly 7 months to discover
  • Many data breaches are never discovered, causing continuous damage
  • Cloud computing has made it easy for insiders to steal data
  • Determined attackers can’t be stopped, making breach discovery essential
  • Undiscovered breaches can wipe out small to mid-sized businesses

A Powerful Deterrent

PatrolX Vigilance serves as a powerful deterrent and helps prevent insider breaches.

When employees know PatrolX is continuously monitoring for breaches, insider incidents are much less likely to occur.