Advanced Breach Discovery


Discover data breaches you thought you were protected against.

Vigilance by PatrolX

Why do I need PatrolX breach discovery?

Security software is failing miserably at stopping targeted external attacks. There is simply no way software alone can stop determined insiders from causing widespread damage.  An advanced breach discovery solution is essential.

  • Without PatrolX, the average breach takes nearly 7 months to discover.
  • Many data breaches are never discovered, continuously damaging the enterprise.
  • Cloud computing has made it very easy for insiders to steal data.
  • The motivation and opportunity to steal data has never been higher.
  • Businesses are spending millions on security, yet they’re still being breached.
  • Undiscovered breaches can wipe out small to mid-sized businesses quickly.

How does PatrolX help?

We identify and develop solutions for exploitable vulnerabilities.

The department with expensive data to acquire. We are heavily focused on Marketing, Sales, Advertising and E-commerce.

If a business is profitable then it’s vulnerable, hackers and insiders will steal data that costs you money to acquire.

Our proprietary software and service solutions operate around the clock in testing and monitoring for ongoing data breaches.